Academic Researcher, Author and Speaker

Welcome to my website. I am an academic researcher, author and speaker with interest in Transport, Education and Financial (TEF) services management.

Emmanuel Mogaji is a senior lecturer in advertising and marketing communications at the University of Greenwich, UK. He is the author of Brand Management: An Introduction Through Storytelling and Introduction to Advertising: Understanding and Managing the Advertising Process.


My Teachings

I am a University lecturer and I teach undergraduate and postgraduate students. My teach modules around Advertising, Branding, Marketing Communications, Media Planning and Consumer Behaviour.


My Publication

I am an academic researcher and I have published my research in various reputable journals in transport, education and financial services journals. I have over 100 journal articles and book chapters.


My Outreach

I am an individual with interest in building human capacity and supporting others. I am involved in mentoring and supporting people from diverse background, experience and countries.



Mogaji, E. & Nguyen, P. N., (2021) Managers’ Understanding of Artificial Intelligence in Relation to Marketing Financial Services: Insights from a Cross-Country Study. International Journal of Bank Marketing


Mogaji, E., Adamu, N., & Nguyen, N. P. (2021). Stakeholders shaping experiences of self-funded international PhD students in UK business schools. The International Journal of Management Education,


Mogaji, E., Balakrishnan, J., Nwoba, A. C., & Nguyen, N. P. (2021). Emerging-market consumers’ interactions with banking chatbots. Telematics and Informatics


Mogaji, E., & Nguyen, N. P. (2021). Transportation satisfaction of disabled passengers: Evidence from a developing country. Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment,


Soetan, T.O, Mogaji, E. and Nguyen, N.P. (2021), Financial services experience and consumption in Nigeria. Journal of Services Marketing


Mogaji, E. (2021). Marketing the COVID-19 vaccine and the implications for public health. Vaccine, 

Upcoming Speaking Events





CEMRI JUNE 2022 Roundtable Discussion

 I will be joining the discussion at the CEMRI's Roundtable Meeting on ‘Addressing the vulnerability of African academics to predatory journals and conferences'..  The threat of predatory journals and conferences is very real, and many have fallen prey to their schemes. Despite increasing global awareness of these unscrupulous practices, thousands of African researchers may be unaware they are publishing in predatory journals.

Saturday 25th June, 2022  - 3pm

Academy of Marketing Conference

I will be attending the UK Academy of Marketing Conference at the University of Huddersfield between 5-7 July 2022

For more information and registration - AM2022 Registration – Academy of Marketing




Emmanuel is a very good teacher, he make sure his student learn through engagement and support in the classroom. I always enjoy his teachings.

It was a pleasure having you as my lecturer. Thank you very much for your great teaching style and environment during the tutorials. It surely was very insightful!