Brand Management

  • An accessible text for branding beginners that avoids technical jargon

  • Includes coverage of cutting edge issues and hot topics such as brand ethics, social media, brand love and brand hate

  • Equips students with the main concepts and theories to advance their studies further

  • Takes a unique story telling approach to guide student through the basic principles, practices and theories

Introduction to Advertising: Understanding and Managing the Advertising Process

This book is an introductory roadmap to the advertising process. Advertising is explored as a creative communication message from a brand, created by advertising agencies and distributed across different media to target the right consumers. Taking students step by step through the advertising process, it is important reading for undergraduate and postgraduate students studying Advertising, Brand Management, Marketing Communications and Media Planning.

Emotional Appeals in Advertising Banking Services

Advertisements are considered as stimuli which consumers will respond to. Banks can develop emotionally appealing advertisements, but they are not guaranteed a positive emotional reaction. The unprecedented turbulence and uncertainty experienced in the banking industry has increased the need to appear more appealing to consumers. Based on empirical data and research, this books will prove invaluable to students, researchers and managers alike.